GroupGets campaign funds at 110%!

BattLab-One Campaign on GroupGets

BattLab-One now available on Digi-Key!

3D Enclosure from Derusha Digital Design!

Find Derusha Digital Design here and the STL files here.

Embedded Muse / Jack Ganssle Review

Jack did a great review on the BattLab-One. You can find it here:

EEVblog Review!

New version of BattLab-One Posted

New BattLab-One application version posted on Github!
Version 1.0.6.

New video on ESP32 sleep modes

Just published a new video showing the battery life impact of Deep Sleep vs. Light Sleep modes for the ESP 32


BattLab-One now on Facebook!

You can find my Facebook page here.


Production Line


Battlab-One’s fresh off the production line!

Finished Product!


The completed BattLab-One! Capable of capturing uAmps to 500 Milliamps current profiles.  It enables you to determine battery life and do what-if analysis on your battery powered  (IOT) projects.

Added Trigger input


Adding the BNC trigger input (shown at right) caused a complete redesign of the board.  The BattLab-One can trigger from a 3 – 5 volt input on a rising edge. It will stop capturing current on the falling edge.

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