3D Enclosure from Derusha Digital Design!

Find Derusha Digital Design here and the STL files here.

Embedded Muse / Jack Ganssle Review

Jack did a great review on the BattLab-One. You can find it here:

EEVblog Review!

New version of BattLab-One Posted

New BattLab-One application version posted on Github!
Version 1.0.6.

New video on ESP32 sleep modes

Just published a new video showing the battery life impact of Deep Sleep vs. Light Sleep modes for the ESP 32


BattLab-One now on Facebook!

You can find my Facebook page here.


Production Line


Battlab-One’s fresh off the production line!

Finished Product!


The completed BattLab-One! Capable of capturing uAmps to 500 Milliamps current profiles.  It enables you to determine battery life and do what-if analysis on your battery powered  (IOT) projects.

Added Trigger input


Adding the BNC trigger input (shown at right) caused a complete redesign of the board.  The BattLab-One can trigger from a 3 – 5 volt input on a rising edge. It will stop capturing current on the falling edge.

Added USB Isolation


Added both data (i2c) and power USB isolation since the BattLab-One is powered by USB.

Software / firmware development


The application runs on a PC, written in Python.  Firmware for the MSP430 was written in C.  Checkout my github site for the code and schematics.

Added the Main Processor


Put the MSP430 (DIP package right) onto the new PCB.